Monday, 19 April 2010

A Night In The Life Of........

I'd just woken from a long snooze, the house was all quiet coz everyone else was asleep & I felt a bit bored. I wandered outside to see if there was anything going on out there but it was a bit quiet outside too so I thought I'd give them a gift & myself a bit of entertainment.
What is it with humans? They definitely don't have a sense of humour! Can't they see free entertainment when it's right under their noses? Well, not exactly under their noses more like under the T.V. unit or behind the fridge actually but you get my drift? lol
I'm not exactly the average cat, I can catch the odd mouse here & there but when it comes to the final kill well that's another story, I just can't bring myself to do it! I've watched them doing it with spiders, they creep up on it & WHACK it's curled up on the floor with it's legs wrapped around it's head, but with mice it's a bit different. Apart from anything else I do not have an opposable digit which does make picking things up to administer the final whack rather difficult. (You try doing something without using your thumb & you'll see what I mean).
When I've been out & about during the night I've come across a dead mouse just laying there with no signs of anyone laying claim to it so I've brought it home & left it for Dad & Mum. It's been a gift, something to show them how much I love them & I even let them know it's there coz I shout loudly to wake them up. Gifts are to be given so you can see the look of pleasure & delight on their faces don't you think?
But nooooo that's never been the reaction I've had from them, ungrateful so-and-so's! Maybe it was the fact that their gift was lifeless that they didn't like, afterall what COULD they do with a dead mouse? Might seem like a nice gift cat to cat but maybe not cat to companion? Anyway I managed to creep up on one furry rodent & grabbed it in my mouth. I was going to play with it for a bit but I'm not very good at recatching them really so I thought it would be better to just take it straight home & let them know it was there.
Dad was the 1st one down the stairs chuntering, "I hope to God you've not brought something in the house Bobby!!" Whoo hoo! this was going to be better than I'd originally thought! As soon as I saw Dad at the bottom of the stairs I let go of it & it was off like a rocket running hell for leather across the living room carpet like it's bum was on fire! I suppose dangling for 10 minutes in my mouth was a bit of a shock for it but it was like one of those wind-up toys that as soon as they set it on the floor it shoots off til it hits something like the skirting was I to know the mouse wasn't going to go in a straight line & stop at the skirting board? It scarpered, zig-zagging across the floor & dived for cover under the T.V. unit!
It was very entertaining watching Dad try to catch it. Don't think he was overly impressed though. While Dad was one side of the T.V. unit I crept around the other side, well, he looked like he could do with a bit of help seeing as how he couldn't be on both sides at once. Dad lashed out with the sweeping brush & it shot around the other side where I was waiting, damn thing was quick, too quick for me! It shot past me & ran the full length of the skirting board & back again, past me for a 2nd time & back behind the T.V. unit! Maybe I'd not given it enough thought before I brought it home?
Mum had by this time come halfway down the stairs & was giving words of encouragement to Dad who was getting more & more cross at me so seeing as how it was getting all a bit boring for me & how ungrateful Dad was at his gift with added free entertainment I thought I'd leave them to it.
A couple of hours later I came back home coz there wasn't anything much going on outside, I'd not found anything else to play with & those wretched birds were twittering their heads off, noisy devils it's enough to give a cat a headache! Plus I was getting a bit peckish.
I thought that surely Dad would have caught his gift & would have done whatever he wanted with it & gone back to bed. I thought I could have a bite to eat & go upstairs to the bottom of their bed & have a snooze til breakfast time, but nooooo, he was still chasing after the blooming thing!
Never underestimate the tenacity of the common mouse. They are clever or maybe it was just that I'd picked the wrong one. Couldn't understand how I'd caught it so easily & Dad couldn't....maybe his opposable digit isn't as good as he thinks or maybe he was just going about it the wrong way? I should have realised things weren't right coz the back door was open. I got a torrent of abuse & I could see Dad was sweating a bit. No wonder! The living room looked like a bomb had hit it & the kitchen didn't look much better! The T.V. unit was in the middle of the room, anything he could pick up that had been on the floor was on the sofa, the fridge & fridge freezer had been pulled out & were askew in the kitchen!
Don't know how it happened but all of a sudden the mouse flew out from under the fridge & there we were cat to mouse staring at each other! The advantage to the mouse was that the back door was open. Did you know mice can jump? Surprised the heck out of me I can tell you! Out it went as fast as it had originally when I'd let go of it all those hours before! They've got stamina for such a small creature! I decided enough was enough & gave chase leaving Dad to set straight everything he'd pulled out!
I didn't catch it & even if I had I wouldn't have been able to do anything with it, afterall if Dad couldn't do it I was certain I'd not be able to.
So it lives another day & he's got a few tales to tell his friends.
I might have to rethink my gift giving in the future.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Where to start? Introductions might be good...Hi, I'm Becks or Yorkshire Becks whichever you prefer :) & I'm rather new to this way of blogging. I used to write a blog every week on Yahoo 360 until the powers that be at Yahoo decided to do away with it which was a shame because the alternative isn't a patch on 360.
So forgive me if I start rambling lol, I'm prone to doing that sometimes. I'll start off on a subject & take a slight detour before returning to the original topic. I am now at an age where I can excuse myself as having a pre-senior moment, another few years and they will be full-blown senior moments lol.
My future blogs could be on various subjects ranging from my interests e.g. crochet, knitting toys, gardening to family life & occasionally I might throw in something that makes my blood boil.
As for today's attempt I'll just throw in a few things about me and my family to get started. I've been married for 21yrs to Mike who is 7 years my junior. He used to be a strapping 6-footer but nowadays he's lucky if he measures 5ft.4ins due to a condition he suffers from called Ankylosing Spondylitis which is basically an arthritic condition that affects the spine and neck & causes terrible deformities. Both men & women can develop A.S. but the deformities seem to be more severe in men than in women. Mike's not been able to lift his head up properly for the past 2 years, his chin is on his chest most of the time although he can lift his head slightly, it causes immense pain for him to do so. He was always a very active man & enjoyed gardening, D.I.Y., & driving. All of these activities are out of bounds for him now but having to give up driving has been the one thing to hit him the hardest. He passed his driving test, 1st time, 16yrs ago & in all that time he never got a speeding ticket or any points on his license for any misdemeanors.
He was diagnosed in 1989 with arthritis in his spine but due to the A.S. going so long without being diagnosed properly he also developed Osteoporosis.
On February 10th this year, a date we shall never forget, he had a (little) heart attack. Scary stuff. After 4 days in hospital plus a couple of stents inserted into his artery we got him back home again. 2 mths down the line he's a lot stronger than he was at the beginning but still not back to his old self. He is also my registered Carer. I have Rheumatoid & Osteo Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Asthma & I also have borderline Multiple Sclerosis. The latter comes on occasionally, rears it's ugly head for a couple of days to a week & then disappears again for months at a time hence the docs saying I'm borderline.
Please don't be put off reading my blogs with the above catalogue of medical conditions. I'm not one for doom & gloom, or an oh-woe-is-me sort of person and neither is Mike. We like a lot of humour in our lives and often poke fun at ourselves and our limitations.